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Syneron Lipolite

LipoLite™ is the minimally invasive system designed to destroy fat cells and coagulate tissue on the body and the face, cost effectively. It is ideal for areas that are difficult to treat with traditional liposuction, such as under the chin and upper arms.

LipoLite features SelectPulse™ – precision control over both the pulse energy and repetition rate to optimize both the photo-mechanical and photo-thermal destruction of the adipose tissue more effectively.

An efficient, compact system, LipoLite fits easily into any office environment or operating theater, where space can be at a premium. LipoLite weighs only 44 pounds, so it can be easily moved from room to room or between offices. Designed with future upgradability in mind, LipoLite is a surgical platform that will continue to grow as your practice expands.

Two destructive mechanisms happen in Laser LipoSculpture (laser-assisted lipolysis):

-Photomechanical destruction: LipoLite’s ability to deliver short pulses of <150 µsec. with low pulse energy of <250 mJ can overcome tissue resistance in areas of high fibrosis.

-Photothermal destruction: The ability of LipoLite to deliver long pulses of >750 µsec. with high pulse energy of up to 800 mJ can enhance the thermal destruction of the fat cell membrane

LipoLite can deliver a range of pulse characteristics, pulse energy up to 800 mJ and pulse duration from 100-800 µsec. enabling the physician to customize treatments for the patient.

Delivers Nd:YAG energy to the treatment site via rigid fiber, rather than canula
Provides non-selective 60 °C heating of adipose tissue which causes laser lipolysis of the heated fat cells
Treats tissue depths from 5-20 mm.
Monitors energy delivery to promote accuracy and safety
An aiming beam is used to guide the laser fiber in the tissue during treatment

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